Life ‘Problems’

It is very possible that that which ‘ails’ you is actually your life purpose: in disguise.

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Many cultures are and have been well aware of what we as this dominant white orthodox thinking one seem to believe is not there.
Perhaps listen to Steve Richards here. Please find yourself a person who works with all of you – not just taking or prescribing things. Maya/Arvigo® practitioners are excellent at the total all over approach – and involve you in the self care needed to heal.

To understand more, start with the natural healing easy solving all your problems apps – solutions for questions you may not have thought to ask – or that no one could answer . . there are also  various books in the resources here
You may also benefit from this new essence that I have commissioned to be made.
After nearly 40 years of working with the wounded hearts that bring in sad tales in clinic with damaged bodies to validate their existence – it seems to me that this is the core issue – all sickness is Home Sickness. We are not ‘at home – our Shen is split and distressed – not in sovereignty mode

Bao Mai Vibrationary Essence afford you:

Reconnection to the Heart of Self & Source

This combination vibrational essence from “Rose of Raphael” contains:

12 Flower Essences, 1 Gem Elixir and 13 Endocrine/Hormonal code essences.
It is so new that the site for inclusion has yet to – perhaps email me if you wish more information

Bao Mai ~ What is Bao Mai?
The inner energy connection between the two hearts you have: one in the 4th chakra, the Heart, and one in the 2nd chakra, the Sacral. The Bao Mai is the inner channel/vessel/meridian, which connects these two hearts. Stress and emotional upheavals are both the cause and effect of a blockage in the Bao Mai, shutting off nourishment. Having us feel as though we are numb, even dead within. Cut off and only able to be in and to share pain.

road and hoar-frost on trees in winter   ice Margaret

Do you have a deep and penetrating sense of

  • not belonging,
  • or of betrayal,
  • or of being always disconnected
  • or of needing to fill a hole – one that we do not even know where it is –
  • all of these and more point to a Bao Mai fracture

Women – may finally be pregnant with their biological children once the Bao Mai is reconnected – it is an energy pathway and can’t nourish the uterus well when so very broken. We may know of (or be that one) women with grief from reproductive and life wounds who were ’barren’ until given a baby to adopt – then they are pregnant with their own child as a gift from their reconnected body!! Men who may have been so hurt emotionally now may not have a vigorous sex life until they go into the place that they have deep wounds to address (the Fisher King mythology).

Tai_Chi at sunset  hands of light 4

This combination essence of Flower Essences, Gem Elixir and Endocrine/Hormonal code essences work together to offer healing for the effects of a Bao Mai blockage:

  • Feelings of disconnection from Spirit/Divine Source, self, and others
  • Shock, emotional pain and numbness in the sexual and emotional centre
  • A loss of knowing of your own wholeness, causing co-dependency in relationships
  • Unresolved emotional residue and feelings of betrayal and abandonment
  • Disappointment in self or others
  • Inability to connect sexually and lovingly
  • Disconnection from creativity

This combination of essences are beneficial in:

  • Assisting both men and women to restore their heart connection to their creative womb centre, bringing support to reconnect to the Heart of Love.
  • Bringing spiritual comfort, assistance and healing for unresolved issues of separation from Self and Divine Source

Also found in the Women’s Healing Kit – here:
Also check out the guided mediation here
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