Belly Binding

Even the Victorian age – women were bound post birth – allowing the organs and structure to go back to where it was prior to pregnancy. A much better idea than leaving it all to chance – care for long term life in the body that you have . .

There are many versions of how to help yourself post baby

Teaching the process well.
Please watch . .

Here is another version . .

Another . .

Taiwanese belly bonding muslin.

(I suspect she does the best job of showing 0 but it is a different version of bind).

Self Bengkung belly binding (great to watch – just ignore her children)

Another version – (no English spoken  but you get the drift)

Self binding . .

And again . .

here is Clare’s version

Karen in Hong Kong makes this journey easy – her website presently under construction – will from September allow you to buy a corset that you can tailor for yourself.

Partner binding . .

Then there is a C section version – although all of the ones above are cheaper and one person operational.

(A woman, thus baby centred C section may also be of interest to you)

Please see how you can ease this process. .
Little cost – big costs in life averted – fix your diastasis immediately after birth for best results and can at any time – see more here . .

Easy answer

Ideally get measured across the back of the hips at 36 weeks – if pregnant still.

Can also wear this after pregnancy – you need it to start with space to move the tabs together – the velcro is remarkably useful.
I suspect as with the original Benkung binding – you can start this however long it was ago that you were split – and continue wearing until it IS pulled together.

How it works . .                                          Attach top loops                                  



Continue from the bottom up                                   Finished


This 100% cotton Modern BengKung was designed with the hot Queensland weather in mind.  You can apply it on your own, go to the bathroom without unravelling meters of material only to replace afterward. The soft loop velcro straps allows for easy adjustment suitable for any body shape. PLUS: it helps correct – diastasis recti – aiding in the healing process, helps corrects posture and great for a sore post birth back, and stabilises the pelvis. Others have said that this is great for a sore back, it makes me feel secure. Reviews on other similar products claim that they there abdominal organs were pushed downwards causing a lot of pain on their sutured perineum.  The Bengkung prevents this from happening making it the ideal Postpartum Recovery Garment for every new mom. This would be a perfect Baby Shower Gift. – Rangimarie Smith – Private Midwife

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