Belly Binding

Even the Victorian age – women were bound post birth – allowing the organs and structure to go back to where it was prior to pregnancy. A much better idea than leaving it all to chance – care for long term life in the body that you have . .

There are many versions of how to help yourself post baby

Teaching the process well.
Please watch . .

Here is another version . .

Another . .

Taiwanese belly bonding muslin.

(I suspect she does the best job of showing 0 but it is a different version of bind).

Self Bengkung belly binding (great to watch – just ignore her children)

Another version – (no English spoken  but you get the drift)

Self binding . .

And again . .

here is Clare’s version

Karen in Hong Kong makes this journey easy – her website presently under construction – will from September allow you to buy a corset that you can tailor for yourself.

Partner binding . .

Then there is a C section version – although all of the ones above are cheaper and one person operational.

(A woman, thus baby centred C section may also be of interest to you)