Heart-Body Disconnect



Now more than ever before, we need to be in our bodies. To really listen and to be at peace with the lives we have had and the residue from all that has happened. Let go what no longer serves us – stop punishing ourselves for what we did/did not do/say. Maybe, this moment – accept that as we are living as best we could then and can now . Step up maybe. .  .
We are in a mammalian wrapper (body). The real driver – the soul – may be ignored: the mind seen as the controller – yet – not so. Please also see here

heart-uterus-connection Unfortunately the mind is only as good as the Shen and the Blood that nourish it – and the clarity of thought possible due to no phlegm about. Madness is easy when these are not in balance.

This also means that when something really turns life on its head, the process of scrabbling back to order may be nearly impossible. Especially when the real shock and trauma are ignored/glossed over. The changes in the etheric and energy bodies need repairing – as without this – the mind will be stuck and replicate to try to heal.

Life troubled through having panic attacks and anxiety thus living on medication?
Maybe wonder at what is underlying this – it is rage . .

Here you have the explanations of the Stuck Liver Qi and all that this brings into your life to experience.
See the wealth of body distress that you live in explained here.

Broken hearts kill!
At least joy . . .
Please pay attention to the ability of your body to utilise magnesium as this keeps the cardiac – electrical and muscular and the neurological going . .
Without adequate magnesium – we die .

Perhaps look to the massage and the meditation components of the special package available below that has been assembled below to help you heal (change) your own life yourself. Please find yourself a person who works with all of you – not just taking or prescribing things.

Holistic natural health attention is needed – starting with your feeling at home in yourself.
Open up like a flower

Maybe start with undoing what lies within?

A course that may assist you to come home to yourself is here


Inside this box is your ticket to healing
Included is the 3 massage/self hands-on work that you can easily follow step by step at home.

Self Help Courses

Designed to assist you to help you heal on every level

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This may be the beginning of your sleeping better and starting to feel your way back to balance.