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What you need BEFORE you even think to investigate why sex is not making babies. .

Let’s make

Better Babies Naturally

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 Vibrant good health leading to Easy Fertility … especially his and as a couple –

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From a wise older woman who has been involved with natural healing methods, raising children and teaching healers for decades, it answers all the things that are not even asked. There are 20 of these so far – you may contact me to ask any I have missed and they can be added in.

Such important issues: as

‘Can I prevent early pregnancy loss/miscarriages/birth defects?’

(Yes to all of these)

‘Can I make a better baby?’

‘Can we improve the quality of the eggs and sperm we make’?

Yes to both of these too

(and how to)

The best $$$ you are ever likely to spend

  • IF you want to become empowered and not feel so hopeless.
    If you want to do it yourself (as Nature intended)
    If you know there is more that you could be doing/being
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Subtitles are:

Making Babies – naturally, medically forced, fearfully, sex, quality of babies, consciously, haphazardly, spontaneously

Not Making Babies – Real reasons not investigated, Her, Him, Not enough opportunities, Intentionally, can’t naturally.

Improving Fertility – them, her, him, why?

Medical Interface – specialist focus, tend to damage health, begin at the beginning, not starting point

Raw ingredients -ideally – dad tp be and mum to be, respectful, loving relationship, clean environment, safety, nourishing foods,

macro minerals, vitamins, micro minerals

FAQ – What if it never happens? Is folic acid needed? How long is it going to take? Is her being stressed upsetting fertility? Is my age a problem?

IFAQ -Will detoxing help? Do I have an auto immune problem? Will going organic help? Is GMO also a problem? What are the minimal supplements required? IS him being stressed upsetting fertility? Are soy foods good for me? Can I avoid early pregnancy losses/miscarriages? Can I avoid birth defects? Can I make a better baby? What role does nutrition play Will dodgy sperm work? What IS fertile sperm? Is using a sexual lubricant sperm friendly? Can I improve the quality of the eggs I have? Is men’s fertility an indicator of health? Why does my doctor not tell me this? Is IVF he place to start? Are ICSI babies as food as the naturally conceived ones? Can I improve my sperm? How can I improve my health? Is the mercury lodged in my body a problem? Do I really only have that many eggs left?

Also on this site under ‘pregnancy app’ banner look at:

Or indeed – why there may have been reproductive mishaps . . .

Start with his health

– as a healthy man makes healthy sperm – and lots of them

Doesn’t sound like your man?

See how sperm quality can be improved and how to Supercharge Your Sperm.

Generally – read how to improve your fertility by Helping Mother Nature.
Start consciously making sure your baby to be is started with the very best you BOTH can make –

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