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A Safe Environment for Birth

Ingredients for a great family in the making :

Safe birth culture

One of the most safe – for mum and baby bonding – must surely be The Farm – please look at their statistics, before thinking further about the big medical machinery all set up to ‘help’ you do what you are born to do.

There is lots of material out there to help you consider the best options for you when it comes to the birth of your child. Here are a few you could review:

Perhaps first watch Ina May (30 minutes)

Perhaps also add this to your mix . . .

Baby needs the blood it has not needed within its body (as it is breathing via the cord from mum) to come back into her/his body to then breathe independently. Perhaps start investigating how your baby needs to be respected and kept whole. Physiological third stage is what nature expects of all mammals.

You need rest to make yourself whole again, so you can be the mum your baby needs – rest, supportive birthing culture and good nutritional support

Healthy Parents to be – Easy Periods – Easy Fertility – Easy Pregnancy – Easy Birthing – Easy Lactation – Easy Babies

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