Making a healthy baby

1) Safety

Freedom from worry, plenty of rest and enjoyment of the unfolding of the mysteries of motherhood

Including evidence led maternity care 

Myths and the facts . . Are you focused on you, your fears – or the best baby you can make?

Perhaps start with health. What does your baby need? Is it safe to interfere – and if not – why are you letting others upset you and baby? Is testing at all needed? Not if you are looking after your diet and lifestyle – two factors that tend to be ignored in the illness (medical) industry. Perhaps find a (normal birth specialist) midwife and follow nature. Improving birth.

2) Sunlight

The more I research, the more it is obvious that moving away from nature and natural living is causing all our modern grief. Looking at the information that is gradually being made available through watching medical conferences on YouTube, you too can see that more is better in nutritional loading – no more so than in Vitamin D’s case – as all the fat soluble vitamins need both fat and sunlight. Here then is why often the placental and the immunological issues start up – as simple as more good food, water , rest and sunlight.  To get you back to where you should be in optimal health, talking 400 iu every day (recommended daily allowance) will not cut it. Perhaps see the information held in the last links on this site and see for yourself how you could easily become well and your pregnancy low risk’, and your life and that of a healthy baby assured.

3) Water that is ideally full of minerals –  especially magnesium

Clean water, not chilled but body temperature as the ingestion of the cold energy slows down the digestive and the immunological capacity. It does not feel good either . . . unless you have a ‘hot stomach’ – and this is not cause for putting out your inner fire – but of undoing all the ‘stress’ that is creating your dramas.

Without additives – especially not the extra halides (chlorine and fluoride). They get in the way of the thyroid gland and you want your thyroid to work (it tells your entire body what rate to be calibrated to) as iodine is vital for life.

When the thyroid is low functioning, health problems (often called ‘aging’), masqueraded by the medical profession as separate problems start becoming your ‘new normal’ to the extent that you do not believe you can ever be without these slow body problems. Often all you need tits tho correct your diet and lifestyle and drink pure water and be in the sun and all is corrected naturally. Your body does try – especially when you are pregnant – to reset you back to perfect.

4) Appropriate food

There is so much to be found on this site. I have been researching for decades, initially as a conscious, concerned mum (my eldest son is 36 years old). I am impressed with what is now so easily found – if you have the interest and the time. I have started this process for you – and suggest that you look to what all traditional cultures knew – to stay alive as a tribe – they needed to feed the ones who would be pregnant with the best of the best – and when this does not happen – the dietary sins are visited on many generations down – you can see more on this here.

5) Breathing and maternal calm

Slow down to go within

One breath at a time

Common sense – not emotional manipulation – and it will have all happened to you in the name of ‘safety’ most likely.

Women have always birthed

It is in your genes, your very being to birth beautifully – listen to your body. (Not your mind)

Healthy Parents to be – Easy Periods – Easy Fertility – Easy Pregnancy – Easy Birthing – Easy Lactation – Easy Babies

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