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Nature’s Template and Fertility

Fertility is a measure of your health – just as it is with animals. Be vibrant and all else fertile follows.

Q – Are you in the best state you have ever been in?

If not – then why would you want to make a baby at this level of illness / health / sense of flatness?

Great eggs and great sperm make great babies.

You make them from what is left over from running your own body – are you that well that there is heaps in storage? (Much like an inner bank account) How good is YOUR gut? Did you know that your immune system is determined through your gut?

Sperm that is inadequate, not moving, hardly there, decrepit, strange looking that are now so ‘normal’ in men’s samples don’t make good babies. Hence the epidemic of supposedly ‘infertile’ women. Give them a man with good swimmers .  . .

Healthy Parents to be – Easy Periods – Easy Fertility – Easy Pregnancy – Easy Birthing – Easy Lactation – Easy Babies

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