Easy Babies

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Easy Babies

Healthy Parents to be – Easy Periods – Easy Fertility – Easy Pregnancy – Easy Birthing – Easy Lactation – Easy Babies

Heather’s EasyBabies site contains many resources on all aspects of women’s health and babies, from menstrual health to parenting. Heather’s research results – how to help yourself site Simple Natural Solutions – will lead you into how to eat and live easier.

Babies cry and are unsettled for a reason – it is not that they want attention – it is that they can’t rest and grow and develop as they were designed to. Perhaps at least get the white noise tracks so you can help baby replicate what calmed them all through their fetal life – sounds of your body to accompany restful life outside – as baby is happy.

How to learn more about feeding your family well: http://www.westonaprice.org/

Raising Baby Green by Dr Greene

Feeding Baby Green by Dr Greene

Toxic world and how to steer your child through it

Where to start? Before birth . . .

How this all plays out in our children Healing the New Childhood Epidemics (Dr Kenneth Bock)

Safety in Life – set yourself up to win – leave well alone and don’t break your baby . .

What do I mean?

Vibrantly well parents-to-be make better babies.

Healthy pregnancy is left alone with no testing or worries – let nature unfold as your good baby preparation allowed.

Natural Third stageall cord blood back to baby to breathe with, natural gut flora leading to easy maternal digestion leading to making great natural human baby food – breast milk.

What if you think you can’t breastfeed? Perhaps start here.

What if you do not want to? (And think to vaccinate instead)

Ensure no chemicals are added as baby’s brain is too immature to cope.

Especially – reconsider the need for the Hep B injections – is your baby going to be having sex with someone you don’t know? Hep B injections can affect your baby’s ability to suckle, leading to the inability to breastfeed and the frustrations of a sick &/or unhappy baby.

This means – stop all thoughts of vaccination if you want baby to be well, smart and healthy through their lives – with no auto immune issues . . breastfeed baby – great maternal nutrition creates better breast milk.

‘Vaccination Safety Manual’ Neil Z Miller

VACCeptable Injuries?’ Markus Heinze

Avoid all sugar – especially the gestational diabetes test – as sugar is an addictive substance and from then on – baby will be addicted, do you want this? Very easily avoided. East simply – mostly coloured veggies and fat and proteins – and heaps of clean water.

Ensure pregnant mum has the highest Vit D levels possible – use plenty of magnesium on the skin daily.

Live life the way your great grand parents did – we are the healthy results of a natural life!

See how you can change the course of your pregnancy and your life HERE – become empowered.