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Healthy Parents to be – Easy Periods – Easy Fertility – Easy Pregnancy – Easy Birthing – Easy Lactation – Easy Babies


What is life without love and joy?

How we are supposed to become parents.

With love. In love.

Hormones. They should be freely expressed as the pregnancy and life unfolds. Without interruptions and without being overseen by those with machinery and calendars and cocks – as falling in love has no need for these. Your baby arriving is a falling in love experience for all of you.

You may find this additional information helpful for your conscious pregnancy and birth:

How can you enhance your parental fulfilment? Easy – become more involved in touching, ignore what MIGHT go wrong and focus on what has always worked – loving touch and simple natural foods and solutions to any and all problems.

Look to the package of eBooks below and the hard copy of What Dads Can Do as these have been developed to keep you all intact as a unit – through enhancing your awareness of what you can do to help yourselves – not seek expert /medical advice with ‘scientific’ validation – but what has always worked for parents and children – loving support

Please become as aware s you can be – perhaps even start thinking as though you were the baby – and how you would wish to be respected.

Cord blood is baby’s blood –  and needs to make its way back to baby for healthy beginnings.


Mammalian Maternity:

the way to Human Sustainability