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How to breastfeed easily

If mum’s body can grow a baby – she can feed that baby.

Please look to all that mammals do – we have breasts to produce milk. All that is written in the easy breasts site and the embedded advice from Yvonne, the very senior midwife who is also a consultant lactation expert will assist you here. Especially if to date you are getting conflicting versionsbreastfeeding picture of what to do. Stop and listen to your own body – if it has not been broken through the modern birthing ways. Mammals birth when the baby is ready, naturally and then all that follows is in working order. Hopefully someone has directed you here before baby is impregnated with chemicals that shuts down her/his primal knowing – as the aluminium in vaccines and the vitamin K injection that nature never ever intended him/her to have will have messed with what is possible.

Perhaps start with all the ingredients information I have on this site and then start back on this page.
I also have a huge store of new information from Yvonne, the senior midwife (35+years experience) and lactation consultant on my easybabies site


Take charge yourself . .


Even for one hour – ever – lifesaving.

Although possibly mum and baby need to be whole and as they were supposed to be – undisturbed and easily bonded with a natural, respectful birth.

Naturally we can almost all do this – and possibly with little help for baby – an alert one – all is easy . .

Positioning – different ideas to help – getting mum comfy is the top priority!!!

Possible booby traps ..

cultural myths

Social barriers

Low supply?

What to do?

Use moxa – what is that? See here . .

Instructions on how to use a real moxa stick, including when and how to not use it, plus how to do the sacral moxa fan. Heather Bruce, acupuncture consultant, course designer and teacher and creator of many resources (including “What Dads Can Do – a Manual for the Partners of Pregnant Women” and assorted eBooks/charts and DVDS shows you how to magically relieve back pain in all people – not just in pregnancy and also how to safely light and to use a moxa stick.

Start some effective easy massage to loosen mum’s Stuck Liver Qi here
Massage/press this point to help the milk flow

GB 21 to let milk flow-’not enough milk’

Finding point GB 21 to help the milk let down. and to allow the Stuck Liver Qi to flow – more on what happens with Stuck Liver Qi here

Find a moxa stick, and let loose here – (St 36 – energy point to help digestion work better)

and points Si 1 and CV 17

Please read

A whole stash of useful information here ..  .

  • Follow what baby wants not what someone says to do – all babies and their needs are different. Watch a very gentle informative lactation consultant/midwife on the subject . .
  • Find great support from those who have naturally birthed and breastfed themselves
  • Join a breastfeeding association which supports members’ meetings for social and networking so you are amongst supportive friends
  • Have more than the expected amount of Vit D on board, to enable optimal health, especially of your immune system. To breastfeed well – to birth well – it is critical . . . for baby and mum health and well being – go in the sun!!
  • Eat a wide variety of nutrition dense foods, including what breast milk is made from – fat and protein.
  • Ensure you drink a lot of water – at least 3 glasses beside you and a protein snack every time you sit down to feed baby
  • Take extra Vit B with every meal (at least 6 of these a day) and use magnesium on your skin

You may think/say -‘But I can’t breast feed’

Bottles?  Must use glass only to be safe and sure

What else happens – the chlorine – and where then is the Iodine to counter this and grow a strong immune system, gut and intelligence – let alone be happy? Fluoride in the tap water – is poison and should not be anywhere near baby . . . look to studies yourself .. Formula?

Being mammals, few women are set up to fail here

(One dad’s thoughts on the long haul it may become here)

What does make breastfeeding more difficult is not being well in pregnancy, leading to an early or a compromised baby, who in turn then is too immature to help itself at the breast as designed to.

Natural birthing sets baby for imprinting – up to be alert, aware and totally ready to fall in love with mum, eagerly searching for her nipples to latch on perfectly. Unnatural interventions esp epidurals break this primal process.

Any interventions chemically that alter the bonding hormones will also impede what is supposed to be baby’s bridge to the world – not just food and hydration, but mum’s immune system working so baby is perfectly prepared for any infection. This means avoid Hep B injection as the aluminium in it is likely to mess with baby’s ability to suckle – it did with a study of baby monkeys

Breastfeeding is safest for baby.

Breast milk toxicity
You may have heard about pollutants from modern life in your fat cells.  . . becoming free in your breast milk? Wonder about modern pesticide and heavy metal loading in your breast milk and want to pull it out safely and effectively – even whilst you are breastfeeding or pregnant so baby is getting only what you want?

This really does work – and may well also give you the health kick that allows all your own health issues to magically melt away.  Babies are designed to take mum’s milk for years – why not give baby the best?

“Infant formula was designed to be a medical nutritional tool for babies who are unable to breastfeed,”

“Formula does not fully meet the nutritional and immunity needs of infants. It leaves their immune systems flailing.”

How to increase your supply?
Eat more (protein, fat and Vit B, magnesium), rest more, drink more water, suckle baby more

To read more on natural pregnancy leading to easy breastfeeding go to Easy Mothering package – all resources package

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