Post Birth

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Post Birth

Immediately post birth mum needs all to be focused on her so she can be focused solely on baby and getting her routine with herself, her body and her baby into a natural rhythm.

Whatever she needs to do – it is rest, eat nourishing foods and more rest.

Stay indoors, do not resume normal life for at last a month and take on no responsibilities that are more than being a mum and resting. All the repair that needs to happen then can – as this will dictate how she can live in her body for the rest of her life.

This means absolutely no exposure to cold – in any form – and the current ‘best practice’ of offering ice anywhere – or even just drinking a cold glass of liquid – will distress the healing and vulnerable body. Please read more in ‘Cold is Not A Woman’s Friend’ – as part of the eBook package available here.

The first month after birth mum’s body has to spring back to where it now as a mum – and the more she rest and is looked after – the easier this will be. Seeing a natural health practitioner – massage at least – and hopefully an acupuncturist to align wall on all levels again – is a great present and a great way to allay any beginning doubts as to how she fare with breastfeeding and sleeping and of course general well being.

Not a medical (wait till a breakdown) service – a maintenance for optimal health.

Find out more – read The Human Matrix which is the entry book of the package – how to unfold your Jing is a great way to be consciously aware of the foundations of your family’s future well being.