Pregnancy App Contents

1) – Raw materials – Raw ingredients

-ideally – dad tp be and mum to be, respectful, loving relationship, clean environment, safety, nourishing foods, macro minerals, vitamins, micro minerals 

2) – Healthy mum:

General wellness:

bad breath, cellulite, common allergies, constantly catching bugs, dizziness, dreams – vivid, disturbing, dry, chapped lips, feeling cold – hand and feet – fluid retention/swelling, gum disease, hair falling out, hernia, hiccups, hot feet at night, itchy abdominal skin, itchy, hot legs, lack of energy, libido, excessive, medical problems nosebleeds, painful head/body stabs, pimples and acne, prolapsed uterus, rashes and skin disease, Reynaud’s disease, round ligament pain, sleeplessness, stretch marks, stress – effect on mum’s health, stress – effect on baby’s health,  teeth deteriorating, temperature regulation off, tinnitus, urinate often, esp at night, varicose veins, vaginal varicose veins, weight gain, weight loss


Natural undisturbed birth,

Towards birth – birth focus, instead of baby focus, Birth preparation, Braxton – Hick’s contractions, Breech – malposition of fetus, Dr rewriting ‘normal’ in late pregnancy, induction, induction – are you both ready? Induction impending, risks of induction, OP/posterior baby, overdue, pre labour, scared of birth process (mum), transverse lie

Blood problems ; anaemia, anti phospholipid antibodies, Factor Five Leiden, low platelets, HELLP syndrome.

Digestion: appendicitis, bloating/gurgling, Crohns’ disease, constipation, cravings, diahorrea, faecal incontinence, Hyperemesis Gravidarum, IBS, haemorrhoids, Incontinence (urine) loss of appetite, morning sickness, no appetite, pica, reflux/heartburn, too thirsty, undigested food in stools

Infection – appendicitis, candida/ thrush, chicken pox/CMV/Cytomegalovirus, cystitis, choleocystits, Group B Strep, Herpes – oral (T1) Genital(T12) , toxoplasmosis, vaginal infections.

IVF Pregnancy: clotting more likely, chromosomal damage more likely, scanning, interventions, scanning too much, stillbirth more likely,

Maternal emotional states, – anger or rage, anxiety, baby brain, depression insomnia mood swings, panic attacks, sanity.

Maternal pain: abdominal pain, back pain, carpal tunnel, constant pain anywhere, general aches and pains, headaches, migraines, pelvic girdle pain, pelvic pain – persistent, chronic, sciatica, tingling, numbness in fingers.

Medical problems: – advanced maternal age, choleostasis, gestational diabetes – test safe? gestational diabetes – test is +ve, gestational diabetes – test (you really have it) , multiple pregnancies, pre eclampsia, too old – baby to precious, oligohydraminos, polyhydraminos

Miscarriage: avoiding miscarriage, miscarriage, spotting, bleeding, Threatened miscarriage, after miscarriage, avoiding premature labour, recurrent miscarriage, subchorionic hematoma,/hemorrhage

Morning sickness, morning sickness, Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Placental problems: aging placenta, low lying placenta, placental problems, placental abruption, placental acreata, placenta breaking down, VUE

Post birth healing: Baby blues, DVT, can’t or too scared to pooh, haemorrhage, incontinence, low energy after birthing, over bleeding/ gushing/ flooding, overwhelmed, passing clots, maybe passing out, perineum – bruised, swollen, cut, torn, not healing, post natal psychosis, pulmonary embolism smelly vaginal discharge.

Pregnancy threats – early, cramping, ectopic pregnancy , incompetent cervix, miscarriage – recurrent – spotting , bleeding, molar pregnancy, threat of early labour, mum stressed, low BBT, low progesterone

Pregnancy threats – late, early/premature labour, waters broken membranes leaking, mum stressed

Sexuality: body image, lack of libido, higher than average libido

Tests/scanning:  amniotic /fetal testing/CMV, fetal scanning, trust your body, leaving well alone.

Unplanned outcomes (baby): fetal growth restriction, fetus not growing so well (apparently) , IUG+FGR – fetus reall not growing so well, malnourishment of fetus, scan shows something ‘wrong with baby, small for dates, braxial plexus injury

Unplanned outcomes (mum): high blood pressure

3) – Birthing

Towards birth – birth focus, instead of baby focus, Birth preparation, Braxton – Hick’s contractions, Breech – malposition of fetus, Dr rewriting ‘normal in late pregnancy, induction,  induction – are you both ready? Induction impending, risks of induction, OP/posterior baby, overdue, pre labour, scared of birth process (mum), transverse lie

Pre birth: birth preparation, birthplace – venue, gentle birthing, primal health care, womb time.

Birth preparation: cord camping, lotus btrhing, making an easy baby water birthing, VBAC

Labour: back ache, contractions not string enough, contractions, stopped, contractions too far apart, Disco ordinate contractions, epidurals, ketoic/no energy, labour taking too long, meconium staining in the water, pain, painful labour, stuck at 7/8 cms/OP labour, vomiting in labour, vaginal bleeding, Rebozo.

Third stage: physiological, managed

Breast/lactation: baby refuses or can’t breastfeed, blocked milk ducts, breasts leaking prior to breastfeeding, breast surgery/nipple damage, cracked/bleeding nipples, excessive milk, not enough milk, gigantic breast, insufficient breast tissue, inverted nipples, losing weight, mastitis, milk does not satisfy, milk not letting down, nipple problems, one side makes more, thrush in nipples.

Baby: care of umbilical stump, force-feeding small babies, natural immunological support, normal babies, resuscitation, vernex, Vit K, what a newborn may look like.

Post birth: low energy after birth, overwhelmed after baby, pulmonary embolism, shivering in shock after birth.

4) – Easy baby:

baby and mum – first moments

Making an easy baby – don’t break baby.

Baby sick: baby always unwell, projectile vomiting.

Development : baby not growing well.

Digestion: windy, arches back, screaming, colic, hiccups, projectile vomiting, spitting up milk

Feeding baby: not latching, blue around mouth.

Newborn: arches back and screams, baby not comfortable, baby refuses breast, baby taken away, distraught baby, jaundice after birth, newborn vaccination, spits up milk after feeding, won’t settle, Vitamin K, weepy eyes, won’t sleep unless held.

Rashes/skin conditions: Baby is rashy


Sleeping – baby unsettled, hot/sweaty sleeper, not sleeping well, wakes screaming

Unplanned outcomes (baby): baby dies, baby in ICU, blue vein across bridge of nose, structural /chromosomal defects, structural/hormonal defects, tongue tie

Vaccination: Unsettled after vaccination

5) – Happy Dad

Emotions: not following nature, finding your voice, scared of what you feel, feeling vulnerable, who is this new woman? She seems snappy, unsure of what to do? Is there enough love? What about her body after? Sex after birth?

Birth process: medical conflicts, birth not your scene? Shocked by birth, upset mum is not coping, fearful of birthing, how to support her, how to help.

New Family: nose out of joint, unsure of change

6) – IFAQ:

Diet and natural health care–  can it be that simple?

Why doesn’t my doctor say so?

Is hospital birthing safe? Assumptions, microbiota, mammalian safety, sphincter laws individualised care, vaccination, medical rape, birth can bring you together .

Medical catastrophising: testing, does birth hurt?

Rewriting normal

Scanning/testing – safe to not scan?


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