Optimal Pregnancy

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Optimal Pregnancy

Optimal pregnancy is easily achieved – even if you are not so well to start with.
From a very healthy pregnancy a very healthy baby will result.

Great food in, great gut function, great sleep…better health, better pregnancy and better birth and better baby.
They do not just appear – mum makes a better baby consciously through all her choices..

One of the most responsible things you can ever do.


Start with how is your BBT?
(Vaginal first thing in the morning at least 37 C pref 37.2/’3 C – if not please – and even if it is there – look to the Iodine – and use it on your skin .. .perhaps look at the information on my www.simple-natural-solutions.com –

Iodine particularly. Regardless of what your health care professional has said – I have found that all (ALL) who are seeing me as ‘high risk’ in any condition – do not have normal states of nutrition – let alone the extra needed for great pregnancy – and who is alerting you to this?


Ideally you will get there (have an optimal pregnancy) simply by looking into what you are eating and what you are doing. Eating well – anything by Sally Fallon – I suggest you get both her books. Nourishing Traditions and Nourishing Traditions in Baby and Childcare.

Another instant resource, for the other useful ideas as a naturopathic lifestyle try looking to Biodynamic Wellness.