Heart Blood Xu

The Shen (see more here) is said to reside in the Heart.
The Shen also moves in the blood.
(This puts a different complexion of blood transfusions and on donations).
As such, any loss of blood affects the clarity, and possibly anxious/emotional/mental issues arrive.
Possibly underlying this is the lack of nourishment – which is the Blood energy.

When too much blood is lost – the Shen has no nutrients and may be more prone to pop out – and then soul retrieval may be needed.
This is when Shock shows – the Shen is not at home as it has been forced out – or maybe is scattered as there is not enough to sustain normal function – showing as instability in mood and demeanour.


What Blood nourishes

Note that we need to have good strong Blood energy to essentially be sane.
Shen is not holding up well f we do not sleep well.
We can’t sleep well if our Shen is upset.When it is – we can’t make good quality ingredients – the most essential being Blood and blood.
When women overbleed either in one hit (haemorrhage) or constantly over their cycles in decades – they well become Heart Blood Depleted – and the cycle gets ever worse.
All the while, medicated with pills and given ‘hormonal’ dictates – missing the point that the Shen needs nourishing by Blood energy to Live Well.