Stuck Liver Blood

Pain? All sort of gyne problems?

WHY is this happening  is not answered by anyone medical.

May tell you the consequences of things not working – and myriad chemical solution and surgeries may be offered: BUT – you still have . . .. all that is painful and hard to live with.

This is so easy – when you know about  .. .life.
What is normal is here – and what can be done about uterine positioning – at the core of all of this is within the Self Care package at the bottom of the page developed as you can’t keep on seeing people to ‘help’ –

YOU need to do this yourself . .



When the Blood energy is not flowing well, it can become congested and thus cause many gyne problems – all involving non flowing – of emotions as well as the menstrual blood.

Clotting, clumping of blood and severe pain all result, often with flooding as the blockage loosens.

Pain of a stabbing, fixed location will result – purple capillaries, stuck emotions (OCD/PTSD/PMDD) and body tissues becoming congested.

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