Where Does Stress Go? (Stuck Liver Qi)

Stuck Liver Qi – Where Does Stress Go?

How does it manifest in your body?

Once the Liver Qi is congested, all ‘hormonal’ issues then are obvious as the woman’s body is in a state of change every week doing something different in the making of a potential home for a baby.

These changes happen relentlessly every month that she is not pregnant or actively breastfeeding – unless she stops the is process through artificially putting herself in a suspended chemical castration.

This (using contraception) then congests the Liver Qi, upsetting the fine balance of the Blood and Qi.

As a woman is designed to bleed with filling and overflowing the fetal palace – and not doing this has consequences.

She may have gone on the implants/pills to ‘control’ the unwanted side effects of not being well enough to bleed on automatic, but being in that depleted/imbalanced state and then using a chemical method  to over ride the natural needs of her body will only leads to more trouble.

It is often not even noticed for decades, especially by a medical system that sees no causation past ‘genetic’ and sees no problems in taking over nature at every whim.




The Liver Qi when stuck gets agitated and moves – and it usually goes either across to upset the digestive process, or upwards upsetting the circulation to the upper body and head. Expressing yourself also is a great way to unlock yourself. Just about everything that upsets the balance within shows itself as a menstrual disorder for women.

The female cancers are yet another residue from a life not fully expressed – and ‘being nice’ means the volcano builds up within – all these different places it can show up are along the lines of energy pathways that are called the Liver meridian – to learn more, please consult ‘The Human Matrix’.

To understand more, start with the Period App – solutions for questions you may not have thought to ask – or that no one could answer . . there are also  various books in the resources here