Where Does Stress Go? (Stuck Liver Qi)

What does ‘stress’ even mean?

Not being able to / true to flowing.

How does it manifest in your body?

Once the Liver Qi is stuck/not flowing/ congested, all those so called ‘hormonal’ issues then are super obvious.
So are all those gut issues called all sorts of names.

If worse when upset – is Stuck Liver Qi – and you reach for coffee/chocolate even alcohol.

Whatever that allows the Liver Qi to flow again – but of course – at a price. .

Maybe it is time . . .

Have you had enough of being ‘nice’ and sick yet?

A woman’s body is in a state of change every week. The making of a potential home for a baby is ongoing. The discharge of this month’s offering is a period. When we stop this flowing – we create body drams as its entire reproductive life is why we ARE women. Blocking the menstrual flow (divacups etc) and of course using tampons – create the mess most women find themselves in – not only menstrually.

This is so much worse using pads and tampons that either do not work or are leaching poisons back into the vulnerable pink bits – see more on safe intimate care here.

Periods . .

A woman is designed to bleed monthly – filling and then overflowing – the fetal palace must be serviced.

Not doing this has consequences.

The monthly changes happen relentlessly unless a baby is being made/nourished (lactation).  Unless she stops the is process through artificially putting herself in a suspended chemical castration. This process (using contraception) then congests the Liver Qi, upsetting the fine balance of the Blood and Qi.

She may have gone on the implants/pills to ‘control’ the unwanted side effects of not being well enough to bleed on automatic, but being in that depleted/imbalanced state and then using a chemical method – to over ride the natural needs of her body will only leads to more trouble.

It is often not even noticed for decades, especially by a medical system that sees no causation past ‘genetic’ and sees no problems in taking over nature at every whim.

Gut health

Determines f there is enough Blood energy and thus how sane/happy/able to sleep and be whole she is.
If you suspect that you have/ have been told that you may have – GERD/ Krohn’s disease/leaky gut/hiatal hernia syndrome adn more  and if you have any discomfort in your being and belly – it is likely you are being attacked – by yourself.
The inner war as we smile – not be true to how and what we are feeling.


Goes where?

liverThe Liver Qi when stuck gets agitated and moves – and it usually goes either across to upset the digestive process, or upwards upsetting the circulation to the upper body and head. Expressing yourself also is a great way to unlock yourself. Just about everything that upsets the balance within shows itself as a menstrual disorder for women.

Female cancers are yet another residue from a life not fully expressed – and ‘being nice’ means the volcano builds up within – all these different places it can show up are along the lines of energy pathways that are called the Liver meridian – to learn more, please consult any of the resources I have – as all will point you in the direction of becoming more of yourself.

How to rescue yourself?

Maybe look to the free online course here . .

The step through – help yourself heal online course (3 parts to) is found here.
What will you learn?
Why what you are doing is not working – regardless of how ‘good’ you are following instructions 

Love Yourself Better – why supplements and even food is not doing what it did.
What your own loving hands can do for your belly (the Healing Power of Touch)

What you and your partner can do to undo what stress and stuckness

(Foundational Moves) you have in each other’s bodies – and what you can do for yourself (free taster) is found here.