Easy periods, easy pregnancy, easy birthing, easy breastfeeding, easy babies!

Women are made to make babies. From when they are mature – which is ideally around 7 x 2 (14) years old, their body has matured in preparation for this. Women’s bodies bleed as there is enough ‘left over’ to make a baby nest – monthly. The menstrual process starts when her body has enough to fill and overflow her ‘fetal palace’ and should continue with no breaks, except making babies and feeding them, until she is at least 7×7 – 49 years old.

Monthly bleeding should be every 28/29 days, start red, flow build up to a steady stream for a few days, taper off, still red, liquid, with no ceremony before or during: life not interrupted in any way. Periods that deviate from this – any pain, discomfort, emotional or body changes – show that there is something broken in her system.

Clots, clumps, pain, body changes, fluid or body growths and any other variation of normal is not a sign that the baby making apparatus is in a state of health. Enforcing a pregnancy upon a body that is not well may not result in an easy pregnancy and birth and breastfeeding and a happy healthy baby and mother – as the underlying body warnings were not heeded.

Assuming hormones (messengers) are the cause is to miss that hormones are only as goo as the body they are signaling messages about for. The foundation of life – the gut – the strength of the woman’s own constitution and easy (or not) life are clear when taking note of the ‘hormones’.

If the messengers are upset – and to look deeper is to see what has affected her, what has been bothering her Qi and Blood production (how her body supports life – digestion and breathing) and circulation (how her body is able to live well) is usually the key to living (and returning to) being in an easy life as a woman.

To learn more, whilst the Period and Puberty Apps are in production, please go straight to the Women’s Vitality package.

There you will find information on how to help yourself have easy periods, easy pregnancies and easy birthing and babies – where babies just happen – as they used to when sex was about for all your past relations down through time.