Heather’s Journey

Heather Bruce has been an acupuncture practitioner and consultant, naturopath, herbalist and lifestyle counselor since opening her first natural health care practice in central Brisbane, Australia in early 1979.

Her key interests are in all levels of health and well-being: especially in exploring the nature of disease, and its contribution to our life tapestry. She is most known for her cutting edge contribution in inclusive, hands on holistic health – usually where answers are not easily found.

Admitted as a Member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association Ltd (AACMA) in April 1979, Heather was promoted to Fellow in 1996. She has been a Board member and a lecturer. Always at the forefront of healing ventures, she co-developed the original three year course at the then Acupuncture Colleges Australia, then Australian College of Natural Medicine, now Endeavour College.

She searches out that which will affirm, enrich and enhance life



  Part time study at Canterbury University and Massey, Sociology, Education and Psychology.

1977-78   Diploma of Acupuncture (Acupuncture Colleges Australia [Sydney])

1979         Bachelor of Acupuncture, Netherlands (Dr Van Buren) and Brisbane College of Traditional Acupuncture.

1979         Diploma of Naturopathy (Institute of Naturopathy, Mapleton)

1980         Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine (private study Nancy Evelyn)

1981         Diploma of Bach Flower Remedies (private study Nancy Evelyn)

Concurrently . . . .

1979 – early 2000’s birth attendant to ensure easy birthing via Bach and other vibrational essences, massage and acupuncture interventions if necessary in home and hospital settings. Worked as the home birth midwife’s problem solver in this time.

1979 – 1983 very busy inner Brisbane city women’s health practice (plus all the elderly and general population as a sideline).

1980/1 Yandina (100 Km north of Brisbane) rural practice, within a medical clinic concurrently in Brisbane urban one.

1984 – Baby 2 born: continued writing the new acupuncture course, whilst presenting it to the two third year intakes.

1986 – Baby 3 born (massively brain injured – taken out of orthodox into ‘fringe’ to find answers. Practical, pragmatic self healing – (in odd places). Profound healing and diversions into searching (world wide before the internet) and training for volunteers to assist with the closed brain injury intensive recovery (home based) programme that was in place to rescue her daughter – over 7 years until Ryan’s birth intervened.

1987 Reiki 1 with Beth Gray

1989 Reiki 2 with Beth Gray

1989 onwards – Aura Soma Introduction and Level 1 and 2 –

1989 – 1992 “Who Am I” emotional/spiritual retreats

1990 onwards – Aura Soma and Aura Light workshops

1992 – 4 almost completed Bachelor of Adult Education and Vocational Training, (pregnancy and international move intervened – half a semester remaining]

1994 – Last child born (after returning home to NZ to live briefly)

1995 – 2004 – inner Brisbane very busy HIV/pregnancy and infertility based practice

1998 Sikem and Seichem attunement

2004 – Reiki 1 and 2 refresher course

2004   Various sexual/emotional blockage release workshops – David Deida /Sophia/William and other male/female emotional retreat workshops

2004 – 6 Quodoushka ‘Sacred Sexuality’ workshops, Levels 1 – 3,

2005 – BREAK in NZ – Long service leave to write “What Dads Can Do”.

2006 – Commenced her long standing New Zealand rural practice, being a primary health carer for the eternally pregnant women, in their Amish-like community.

2006 ongoing – (In addition to NZ) – very busy fertility/pregnancy practice in Brisbane, Australia, whilst committed to working with the rural multi-parous community and the small town clinic she also runs in Greymouth, NZ when there.

2007 – 5 day Sound Healing workshop with Karin Scheld, Canterbury, NZ

2008 – Completed Bachelor of Adult and Vocational Education, Griffith University,.

2009 – Sydney Aura Soma – Mike Booth ‘Emerald Heart’ workshop

2012 – One unit (Research into CAM) towards Masters of Health Sciences at Canty Uni Chch, NZ

2013 – Melbourne Aura Soma – Mike Booth – ‘Three Stars of the Subtle Anatomy’

2013/2014/2017 – Attended Rothenburg Kongress, Germany

2014‘Self Care Level 1 Arvigo ®’ training (Melbourne)

2014 – ‘Professional Care Training’ (Kin Kin)
2014‘Introduction to Spiritual Healing’ (Kin Kin)

2014 – ‘Arvigo® Accreditation’ (New Hampshire, USA)

2014‘Advanced Pregnancy’ (New Hampshire, USA)

2015 – ‘Ix Chel Mastery’ (New Hampshire, USA)

2015‘Self Care Teacher Training’ (New Hampshire, USA)

2016Advanced Spiritual Healing (Belize)

2015 – 16 – Presented 6 Self Care courses in in 9 months including three with advanced acupuncture trainings.

2016 – Mercier training

2017 – Began Reiki mastership training

Heather has attended a colossal amount of residential and weekend courses, with 10,000’s hours of personal research and learning, collecting a massive research library whilst maintaining currency in her many chosen fields.

Often as a single mother, Heather has continued teaching and mentoring others. Her life revolves around researching and developing teaching tools, assisting all levels of acupuncture and midwifery themed workshops and personal self help searchers. There is a huge collection of resources in the form of instructional websites, eBooks and packages – including self education trainings and apps.

None of this would have been possible without the discovery of the Antakarana meditation in 1990. Throughout the torrid Kathryn years, this and the use of crystals, Reiki, the introduction of the Aura Soma range and, and of singing her heart out . .

Internationally teaching and presenting, Heather is now spreading her influence in webinars and in online courses and membership sites. Heather’s Gentling Ways and ‘Living Ligaments’ are Heather‘s current projects – training more practitioners internationally into her own Moving Blockages style of holistic heartful hands-on health care, resulting in all levels of energy body transformation.

Recently setting a healing centre in Brisbane to ground this work, Heather is usually in the Life Alignment Centre – 10 Kitchener St Coorparoo – though in summer more likely in her healing sanctuary in the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand – alternating the two venues when not teaching internationally or on retreat with her students.

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