Lustre bowl

A hugely helpful, simple, cheap way to cleanse and heal



What are they?

Most cultures used flowers and vibrational healers from nature.
Plants and water together allow us the grace to cleanse.

Such a simple thing that we can incorporate into everyday lives.

Why use this?

It feels good – and clears the energy that you carry about, and that you live in and through.

How to make?

With intention and gratitude, ask a plant to help you – ask which one wishes to – a rosemary plant is excellent – pick a twig – or two. Get a clean glass bowl, pure water (not from the tap ideally), and ask some flowers for guidance – add them to the water, leave in the sun a while, then dip your rosemary in (or lavender, or basil, or in Australia – lemon myrtle) and use this to sprinkle the water from the lustre bowl over your head and through your energy fields, whilst asking for assistance and clearance – anyone can – you may be very surprised at how freshened you then feel.