Spiritual bathing

We all know that we are more than the bits that make up our bodies.

All cultures have had a non physical component in their healing work.

Spiritual bathing, or general space clearing is to balance what may be excess energy from too much focus, intense anything – including happiness – or ‘stress’ including watching the events as they unfold on the media. Do we really need all this in our sacred space? Home is where we hide away from the world – why bring it and all that drama into your life? May be in the form also of attention such as when being a performer, or a speaker, can lead to a charge in that person’s auric field which in turn can lead to a heaviness, or restlessness in their being. Different versions  of Feng Shui, dowsing and clearing are seen in most cultures and traditions.

Spiritual Bathing is an ancient ritual found within the history, if not the current practices of most cultures. There are  variations, however the essence is the same. The belief that water is sacred and purifying, can protect and cleanse from negative influences as well as used to mark rites of passage is well known across most human endeavours – and is found within religious experiences.spiritual-bathing

The Spiritual Bathing practice through the ways of The Maya holds a focus on vitality of the spirit, well outside religion. Beyond talking therapies – it is  regenerative, and gives a sense of renewal and of rebirth.

The Maya Spiritual Bathing is a ritual using Prayer as a Medicine Song, burning Copal ( a resin incense), plants collected with prayer, and the main ingredient – pure water. This is an extremely powerful tool – yet is gentle on people of all ages, in particular children who are generally more sensitive than the grown de-sensitised adult.



  • Susto Fright or Trauma

  • Pesar Grief
  • Tristeza Sadness
  • Coraje Anger
  • El Ojo/Ojo Caliente Hot eye
  • Mal Ojo Evil eye
  • Envidia Envy or jealousy

Spiritual Bathing will also alleviate

  • Soul loss
  • Astral fragments
  • Night terrors
  • Bullying
  • Restlessness with babies/new mothers who have had too many visitors

A simple thing all can do is with intention and gratitude ask a plant to help you – ask which one wishes to – especially your rosemary plant – pick a twig – or two. Get a clean glass bowl, pure water (not tap ideally) and ask some flowers for guidance – add them to the water, leave in the sun a while, then dip your rosemary in and sprinkle the water from the lustre bowl over your head and through your energy fields, whilst asking for assistance and clearance – anyone can – you may be very surprised at how clear you then feel.


I add in marigolds.. such a lovely flower – nine of these please.

Perhaps extend this practice to the are in and around your house, your children, where there has been discord – keep dipping back in the lustre bowl. Thank all the energies that have helped you. Gratitude for all we have is a graceful way of allowing all that could be to resonate higher for you. A very different form of ‘smudging’ and one that will at least centre you to being more mindful of your surroundings and what impacts upon you and your life.

After all that happened in the end of 2019 – the forests/bush burning and helplessness and hopelessness as we watched the corporations and the governments sell out to rape and murder our mother (GAIA) we are understandably all ripe for this manipulation – FREAK OUT – our fellow humans may kill us by the act of being – breathing touching and living  . .

More it is overcrowding  ..
And not living in Nature. .   
With Nature .
And by Natures’ rules.

Susto is a folk illness term that is widely applied in Latin America. It indicates a serious fright or startling experience that has cause us to lose our vital essence and thereby fall ill. The term can be applied to a wide range of pediatric and adult problems. The sufferer is classically described as restless during sleep, listless, debilitated, depressed, and indifferent to food, dress, and personal hygiene. Susto is not culture bound in a strict sense, inasmuch as it is found among distinctive Hispanic and Amerindian groups, and very similar frightlike conditions have been described in India, Taiwan, and other non western societies. This folk term draws its particular meaning from the Hispanic tradition in Latin America.

Susto, also known as “soul loss,” is a prominent feature of many cultures, including the Latin American and other Spanish-speaking communities of the United States. It is considered a folk illness with extreme psychological overtones, also characterized as “fright sickness.” Millions of people believe that frightening incidents such as witnessing a death, having an accidental fall or scare, losing something valuable, or being attacked or deserted by someone close can lead to susto.

These incidents tend to have a common thread of helplessness and the inability to remove the cause of the fear.

The biological responses that normally prepare the body for action against fear are absent, partially as a result of social norms or cultural inhibitions. The frightening event leads the soul to … go elsewhere??


WAKE UP FOLKS – you are more powerful together than apart – and any decision based on fear is the wrong one!
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