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More than JUST about periods – how to live well in your woman’s body . .

Do you suffer with . . . .

  • Erratic periods?
  • Gut woes and migraines accompanying ‘that time of the month’?
  • Constant bleeding when you least expect it
  • Massive gushes and flooding
  • Painful sex?
  • Mood swings?
  • Severe, constant pelvic pain??
  • Bad PMS all month?
  • Depression and anxiety?
  • Coping with being in a woman’s body?

Can’t get out of bed for a week?

Are you feeling totally worn out?

Do you have infections and smells ‘down there’?

Want to know why?

and more importantly . . . .

What to do?

This App will help you do just that.

If you have any problems at all with your woman’s body.

(Even if not period related)

Here is your instant answer in your pocket.

A very different natural health problem solving aid. All women’s health questions answered.  Right now!!!
Do your self /body/life a favour and find out what you can do to help yourself.

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A step by step guide through all that bothers you in your woman’s body and life.

Not only when in your bleeding years – a woman’s self help guide to all of her life.

All emotional and supposedly ‘hormonal’ issues explained.
(If you think of something not there [as I was told a week ago – nothing on low libido] – and I will rectify this if you contact me)

There is nothing else like this out there. Who else would have all the modalities and the nearly 40 years of professional women’s health care providing and teaching acupuncture and natural health and midwifery students (and mentoring colleagues) to pull it all together??

You have a period app?
Not like this one . ..

IT IS NOT a week-by-week period tracker

It is also NOT a rehash of medical information

The Pregnancy app has all the general health and digestive issues (under ‘well mother’) – that are not on the Fertility or this Period app as they already are huge. The ‘raw ingredients area is the same on all the apps. Get this App alone to understand how to eat and why!!!!


The iOS version is currently being updated.

You can access the content here

What’s on the App? Simple Natural Solutions.

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Being Woman: Changeability, Life Stages

Raw Ingredients: Ideally, Respectful, Loving Relationship, Clean Environment, Safety, Nourishing Foods, Macro Minerals, Vitamins, Micro Minerals

Monthly cycles: Normal, Menstrual Disruptions, Personal

Women’s bits: Named conditions, Ovaries, Uterus, Pelvic Cavity, Urinary, Cervix, Vagina, Tubes, Breasts

Bleeding: Regularity, Frequency, Timing (in life), Periods stopped, Amount

Pain: What is pain? What else happens? What relieves it? How does it feel? Where is it? When is it?

Emotions/hormones: Healthy, Being ‘hormonal’, Body responses, Sleeping,

Medical interface: Disease focus, Health restoration, Medically blocked, Running scared, Vaccinations, After operations/procedures, After vaccination, Holistic care

IFAQ: Why are periods different? Why do periods alter in a life? Is food really medicine? Are period problems genetic? Are periods a curse’? Is it safe to stop having periods?

Not sure what to do next?

You want to know just what to do with yourself and your moods/’lady bits’/bleeding and eating  . . . I am so very serious ) $20 investment? Gives you a greater understanding of why and how various things are happening – and what you can do to undo a lot of what is bothering you – simply, naturally, safely. If you have an open mind – as what you are currently doing – what all say to do is not working – as you would not be wondering ‘what else’? if it were.
Come take a walk with your fingers and the world sites and what my extensive life work has discovered.

The Period App and this website have been design to show you how to make your life as a woman easy.

For example, have a menstrual cycle that

  • comes and goes with no fanfare,
  • no trials –
  • just like a tap turning on and off.
  • No hassles.
  • As it should be.

Or perhaps it’s never been this way?

And you’ve been lead to believe this is ‘normal’ in your family.

Endometriosis is only a response of your body (and its cry for help) from being in a stare of turmoil.

Why add more to it through interventions from a medical system that does not undo (or even understand why) it is happening? Why not undo it all yourself?


The iOS version is currently being updated.

You can access the content here


By using the app and this website, get a handle on:

Reading through any of my work you may notice that I do not speak of what is usually written from a medical viewpoint. Hormones especially, and how they work in women’s bodies are frequently not mentioned.

Hormones are only messengers, and with very little going right in the modern world, just attending to these messengers is of little use.

We need to go back to basics and this is what this site, along with the allied Apps and eBooks are about – how you can help yourself in your own life.

Using simple, natural solutions.

You may need to rethink what a medical doctor, specialist or what medical science is doing in your life. In times past, all knew the consequences of not looking after yourself, and look what happens next . .

All people in all centuries before now only lived if they understood how to work with nature and to really look after the soil and their animals – and this was all without chemicals, and science, but through what had always worked – respectful observations.

Staying true to what nature needed. Especially so around reproduction and farming, thus eating, to survive.

So too with your body.

We have all been brought up to think that all answers are to be found in what passes for ‘science’, forgetting that science is just about observing the world we live in, and trying to understand how it works.

The current medical model and all western thinking is based on what has been studied in recent times in a very different setting and sense of values and beliefs from traditional medicine.

Assumptions of basic health regarding nutrition and common sense do not hold any more as the younger members of our society have no respect for tradition, and search the Internet for what all just knew.

All those using the Asian medical models were trialling and improving it over all the myriad family traditions over thousands of years – unlike the few hundred years of what we are calling ‘modern medicine’ has been doing in our culture.

Modern medicine is based on studying disease and avoiding death – not enhancing and improving the state of wellness.

All the wisdoms of the ages and herbal lore have been thrown out in the quest to make money through getting everyone on medications for life.

There is another way: help the body to help itself.


The iOS version is currently being updated.

You can access the content here

Various publications and tools for self help are to be found here – www.heatherbrucebooks.com.au

www.fingertip-rescues.com may give you instant practical emergency situations information.


What’s on the app: