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An Infrequently Asked Question:

How does nature set us up to win?
Why may we even need to think of this?

From conception the strength of the fetus and placenta are determined through the vigor of BOTH parents, and then how the environment allows this to be expressed. Starting with a healthy mother – the placenta will have been sending out appropriate messages for the environment baby is to live within – and as soon as the sterile envelope – the membranes – leak or are broken – the baby starts its journey of having to battle against potential infiltration by all comers – bacterial, viral and stray DNA from all other sources.
How does this happen?

Does anyone know what messing about with what has worked for myriad generations will mean to the future of the species? Perhaps spend 9 minutes here.

By having a strong immune system

Does baby need one?
Not immediately, as with maternal assistance, baby is always safe.

The Human Microbiome – please watch this first . . .
Gut bacteria and the protection of normal is a key issue – not spoken of whilst all those antibiotics ‘just in case’ fly about.

amazing and animated and the origin of all the rest of our healthy lives.

1)  Starting from the vaginal environment – leading up to birth, mum’s body starts supplying the antigens needed for the outside that she is exposed to (and thus baby will live in). Makes sense to birth at home where mum’s body knows what is about and has made plans for.

2)  Cholostrum – baby’s stomach at birth has not been used – except as a accidental receiver of the amniotic fluid baby as been sometimes wallowing. This means it is essentially an unused tube and needs gradual expansion – so initially the size of an almond, gradually extending to a walnut size – so it is initially appropriate that not much is coming out of the nipples to stat with. What does is the gut flora and beginnings of what baby needs to digest food with – the initial few days of mum’s ‘milk’ is crucial to later digestive health.

3) Mother’s milk – contains all the baby needs – regardless of what size, gestational age, and state of health – mum’s body just knows what to do.

baby on breast Very important point – mum needs to be as healthy leading up to conception and birth as possible as this way no antibiotics – to mess with her gut strength, thus her ability to nurture her baby are possible.

Baby getting all nature provides from mum is the best start possible.


Nature didn’t set us up for what we are presently doing to our bodies in the name of ‘medicine’.

Antibiotics (often given in labour ‘just in case’) kill off mum’s good gut flora, meaning she is no longer digesting food to allow ease of baby assimilation and with all the allergenic substances now entering baby’s immature gut – colic at the very least happens and no one sleeps well. Antibiotics ‘just in case’ are given if baby is not a certain size. How ever is baby’s gut now supposed to work? At the age of four years old, 90% of the DNA inside each one of us is actually NOT human – we need help to process all our food.

We actually are destroying the natural immunity through using anti – not pro – biotics . .

the gut is where the immune system starts . .

We are loading the external and inner environments with products never designed to be there –  with heavy metals, such as mercury and aluminium (in the vaccines and that cause neurological damage), and modern refined foods, such as sugar and grain products – we can flirt with these toxic substances for only so long before they start taking their toll.  How can you easily get rid of the residue of your life to date? Simple – safe and effective ..  .

Reality check:

By breaking the baby at the start  we have problems from then in trying to live easily – let alone all sleep.

We can’t expect to mess with nature and be well.

If we keep destroying the perfection nature sets us up with

Then we eat the ‘food’ we’re eating, and inject the poisons we’re injecting, and still we are surprised when the gut does not easily function. Allergies, digestive trouble and distress all follow – not diseases – not ‘genetic’ – just purely cause and effect – we break what was perfect and we get less than perfect as a result.

Broken even

Infrequently asked question: Why can’t baby even latch on well?

Tongue tie – please get immediately cut

Used to automatically – when baby was exposed to the love hormones and primal imprinting from birth hormones charging through both baby and mum so falling deeply, permanently in love was a foregone survival tactic – guaranteed to ensure breastfeeding was easy. Please see here for more. Also anything written by Dr Sarah J Buckley.

Used to automatically – before the widespread instant vaccination campaigns from birth ..  .
Even naturally birthed babies may not be able to now – as the primal messages and the imprinting is disconnected through poisons intentionally added – for what reason? Not to help baby stay alive (breastfeeding). Being an easy breastfeeding mum and baby is now often doubtful – follow perhaps what happens when baby monkeys were given the same vaccination schedule as humans were – back in the early ’90’s – latching stopped – why?

Why is Hep B injection given at birth when baby has no immune system to be prompted? (Thus corrupting it for life)? Possibly the aluminium in the Hep B vaccine – so why (unless one of the parents have the disease) are we exposing all babies to not being able to breastfeed well – as it is their most important immunological booster for their first few years – if mum is feeling maternal sufficiently to provide what all other mammals do?

Are you so sure that the children (and anyone) are better off with the adjuvants used in vaccines to mess with your body and its nutrients availability forever?
Is the health of those vaccinated better – or vastly worse – after such an insult?
Possibly read this and start your own research?

Ask yourself – “what would it mean to me if this were not a good idea, seeing its proponents seem to think that this single handedly will be saving people?” (From what – a lifetime of chronic ill health that needs managing as is now happening?)

Unfortunately not all of the story is given you in the midst of the retail marketing fear campaigns. Just stop and look at aluminium being a neurotoxin – destroys brain and nerve cells – as does mercury – and stops the mercury that is ‘back ground’ noise from getting out of the body naturally.

More infrequently asked questions:

What is in the vaccine and is it safe?

1) Why do we vaccinate?

Or maybe look here – why some do not ..

2) Why is there neuro toxins in vaccines?

2) Why are we vaccinating babies when breastfeeding does a far better, safer job?

3) Why are vaccines happening at that tender age when the immunological system is as yet undeveloped – as nature expects mum to provide all through her own system – through the nipples?

4) How is it that there are no safety studies done to assure all concerned parents that vaccination at such a tender/vulnerable age, with so many neurotoxic substances is actually not only safe – but MORE EFFECTIVE than breastfeeding – as we are all set up to win through our mothers?

How to get rid of what was put in with the vaccines?

Look to the magnesium loss in all life and correct at the same time all that ASD and ADHD and ‘growing pains’ . . .

Add magnesium (not pills but topically and through eating choices made very differently) to remove mercury etc that have made their way in and are stopping normal nutrient absorption . . We in fact need magnesium get rid of the mercury in order to use the magnesium.

Always add topical magnesium . . . especially if you have an autistic tendency – or wish to help someone who does – it may mercury/heavy metals in the way of normal mineral assimilation.

Think of what is happening to the magnesium that we all should be awash with already – so the toxins would not be a problem . .

Vaccination debate site – great place to start thinking. .

Care about the health and well being of your family?
Start with great foundations ..

Perhaps look into this site

The introduction of mercury into vaccinations in the 1930s heralded in the Age of Autism.

(Look at the videos on this left hand side of the page)

Through figures from the USA CDC – they have an explosion of neurologically distressed (permanently needing support and will never be tax payers and independent of their parents/society) – 1/88 children, 1/54 boys, being diagnosed with autism. Is this what you want for your child? Perhaps go back to the top of the page – and rethink interventions – and redefine what is a ‘safe’ (medically) birth’. Is it really one where nature is ignored?

There is no reason we should be an unwell society.

If you want to have healthy good children, (and we all do) starting form birthing vaginally (which at least 95% of all women can) ensure all is done to help you and baby meet naturally – without interference. If all cared so much about your baby’s health – vaginal birthing follows easy breastfeeding –  the best start to life.

No pharmaceuticals, no assistance, no chemicals needed.

Because baby needs the bacteria that is available to them in the birth canal.

Then the help to start digesting and then the most perfect for them at every instant of their early lives – food specially designed for them by mum. If the argument is then ‘we can’t all breastfeed’ – all mammals have to.

What is really meant is that perhaps you were not given all the information – informed consent means

You may want to get answers to these infrequently asked questions –

  • What else can I expect when you induce my baby before s/he is ready to come?
  • What else will happen when you vaccinate my newborn for a sexually transmitted disease that we do not have?
  • What else will happen when we override what is designed to be foolproof – easy lactation after easy birthing – after an easy pregnancy?
  • Why do we not, as a culture, support all stages of easy maternity?

Please looking as it is you as parents who wear the burden of guilt should you not make the strongest, healthiest baby possible, and it is easy to do – just go back to what always worked for your great great grand parents.

Nature sets all up to win.

Please ask questions as you cannot undo what you do if it causes problems. Why not wonder why all are not encouraged to birth naturally and to breastfeed as long as possible in the attempt to make the best outcome likely for your baby? If vaccination is so necessary – why are so many totally vaccinated people getting the very diseases that they are supposedly immune from, and why do unvaccinated people pose a risk to those who are fully ‘protected’? Could there be more to this? Do you wish to be part of the grand experiment and play a lottery with your child’s development, or do you wish to be informed and consent on the basis of knowing all the known risks at least (read the package inserts)?

Why was mercury (highly toxic) EVER used in vaccines?

Was/is mercury (still used in flu injections) causing autism?

Who knows? At least perhaps investigate yourself as the vaccine insert labels do warn against possible troubles.


Sites to start with infrequently asked questions:

1) The history of vaccines –

I have started with a ‘factual’ slant on the history of medical understanding of illness and vaccination – not wellness and how to enhance perfect health and not how to normalise the immune system to set the science for you to then question it as you read the information that follows – including where the graphs of reduction of all illnesses could possibly have shown such a loss of deaths and disease PRIOR To the vaccines – could it be as simple as sanitation, less over crowding and better nutrition (yes). More on vaccines and what science will show you.

2) Beyond conformity

It is uncomfortable to live outside normal.I did not ask the right questions before following what was assuredly medical misinformation. As a parent of a massively vaccine damaged child I know – and so do her brothers.

Perhaps start with Dr Susan Humphries –

3) Safe minds (Lets keep our children’s brains in the best state possible)

Dr Russell Blaylock – how vaccines harm babies’ brain development

The taste that kills – excito toxins

Also – if you are inclined to look at the mechanism of why autism and other inflammatory neurological conditions are happening –

4) Smartvax

5) How to protect your autistic child – or avoid autism – please research yourself.

None of what you find will be comfortable. It takes courage to live outside conformity and you may decide, like me that it is an act of cowardice to keep your mouth shut – just because all others have taken to bullying. The flat earth people were wrong – and I suggest that you want to be right – and as a good parent you may also read these two books here as these two dads started asking questions and thought to share what they wished that they had known before they acted in good faith – as life took a turn no one told them about.

Buy these two books –

‘Vaccination Safety Manual’ Neil Z Miller

A huge research project providing the what is this disease, its prevalence, who gets it, is there a vaccine, is it safe? what are its ingredients, what are its adverse reactions – are you more safe with the vaccine or highly unlikelihood of  getting the disease? –

‘VACCeptable Injuries?’ Markus Heinze

One family’s story of auto immune disease (Diabetes 1 at 3 1/2 years old) from vaccination

Your child’s future is in your hands.

Healthy, vibrant parents. eating and living simply, birthing naturally, allowing all baby’s cord blood to return to baby to breathe with, breastfeeding solely at least for the first 6 months and leaving well alone in all things to allow the unfolding of  a perfectly healthy baby undisturbed by chemicals is the only way to get a healthy child whose brain works intact. Surely this is what all parents want.

The opposite of courage is conformity.

Only cowards bully.

If the science is so overwhelmingly in favour of vaccine safety and effectiveness – why are there no studies to back this claim up? Ask – where is the science? Why is parental manipulation needed? Where is the true informed choice (at least read the likely ‘side effects’ that are in the vaccine package insert) – they happen to someone’s baby.

Toxins in vaccinations

What could I possibly mean?

If you have exposed your child to these – or have been yourself – there are things that you can do to start healing your immune system.

Stop any more coming in – especially no ‘flu’ injections as these l have mercury in them – and really – if you want o be well, you need more Vit D and C (daily ) and a lot more education into what actually causes us to be unwell – and unless you are compromised – your well immune system will ensure that exposure to whatever illness – you will rise above it – may with rest and more clean water and healthy living – and less busyness – and here is the rub – be happy  and healthy will follow!!!!

Take liquid activated zeolties  . . .as these will painlessly, effectively and very safely start reducing the toxic load that is stopping the absorption of all nutrients – and this s a good thing!!!!

Healthy Parents to be – Easy Periods – Easy Fertility – Easy Pregnancy – Easy Birthing – Easy Lactation – Easy Babies

See how you can change the course of your pregnancy and your life HERE – become empowered