Liver Blood Xu

Liver Blood Xu

This very often shows up when too much bleeding has happened – or can be the result of not eating really well/not allowing self to be nourished by life.

Often seen as emotional and sleeping problems.

Easily solved when the whole body is respected and given ‘time out’ to heal.

If not, depression/anxiety/feeling overwhelmed can follow.

Unfortunately most are driven to keep going, which further depletes the source of good cheer and sanity – ultimately, the Blood Energy.

Decades of self neglect – and/or the result often of a disastrous bleeding episode – often at birth – can mean a life shattered unless this is corrected – as it easily can be with the right model of care.

LiverBloodDeficiencyHow might this have happened?

Women who are restrict fat and protein consumption, and who try to ‘lose’ weight forgetting they have a baby nest’ to make monthly; regardless of whether they ever want to use it or not, &/or

who are continually over-bleeding with heavy periods, &/or

leaking amniotic fluid towards the end of pregnancy, &/or

haemorrhaging at any time, especially during or after birth, will always create a depletion that impacts on their ability to

  • sleep well,

  • think,

  • keep sane

Reading ‘Getting Out of Your Own Way’ and listening to the  ‘Reunion’ Mp3 mediation tracks will help you settle yourself.

To understand more, start with the apps – solutions for questions you may not have thought to ask – or that no one could answer . . there are also  various books in the resources here