Inner Heat

Any inflammation – toxins present –

More water needed
AND it is likely as things have heated up that you desire COLD water and this then adds to your problems. (Wastes Yang Qi – see here)

Falsely showing up as hot enough – when often you are actually cold as well – low thyroid and low adrenal function

Inner Heat may over time indirectly destroy the Jing, by the wasting resources consumed in the futile attempt to remake the Blood, whilst the heat is still driving excessive over bleeding.

What is driving the heat?

It can be as simple as your not drinking enough pure clean water.

With or without having chemicals – esp sugar and sugar converting foods/fluids in the diet.

Sugar all by itself – when completely stopped – can be found to have been the trigger.

It causes a heating reaction in the body.
Don’t want:

  • the pimples?
  • The hot flushes?
  • The inability to concentrate?

Stop the sugar – and the ‘soft’ drinks with all the chemicals
– and all of a sudden:

  • the rages,
  • the over bleeding,
  • the ‘hormones’

will all settle right down.

Heat wastes Yin Qi, much as cold wastes Yang Qi.

It is vital that the body does not overheat, as our tissues are precious.

DRINK MORE NON CHILLED (yes it is so tempting to cool yourself off – and create more woes) – drink only PURE water.
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All available Yin Qi in the body – in the form of body fluids, and Blood energy, are directed internally in attempts to dilute or cool down or put out the fire. Drink more water – and more often – never chilled and always pure.

  1. Heat energy is normally directed out of the body through the regulation of the pores, and through urine.
  2. Heat causes the Blood to ‘go reckless’.
  3. This means that Blood is no longer well disciplined and orderly but bursts through its banks, leaking or haemorrhaging wherever it finds a weakened link.

This creates:

  • bleeding disorders,
  • menstrual flooding,
  • miscarriages and
  • major exhaustion of the body system,

as it tries to recoup its losses.

All the while it is still in overheated mode so working optimally is not possible.

This will itself create heat in the body, much like driving without oil is of little benefit to an engine.

Heat disturbs the Shen

In small amounts, this may present as irritation.

In larger amounts it may become:

  • agitation before boiling over into
  • temper outbursts,
  • irrationality, aggression, and eventually
  • very difficult (wildly mad) people.

Hyperactivity in children is better handled by correcting their inner fluid/fire imbalance.

Of course there is what they are exposed to . . . ‘soft’ drinks . . a little bit of sugar surely can’t be THAT bad?

Do you really want this for all around you?

If not – cut out what is driving all the heat – the sugar in all foods that is now hidden and is unable to be trusted in any bought foods/fluids – as it is so entrenched that until you stop it altogether – you will not notice it.

Just in the past 10 years we have all lost the plot – and are all getting hotter as a consequence – the short tempers and the rages and of course all the inflammation and auto immune disease.

Disturbed Shen does not allow restful sleeping

If heat is present people:

  • sleep uncovered,
  • feel hot to the touch, and
  • may experience distressing dreams,
  • visions and
  • sleepwalking and
  • talking.

Without regenerative sleep, the person will gradually become more Yin depleted, leading to further heat problems.

Heat creates inner wind, which rises up, initially creating skin rashes that may be:

    • hot,
    • reddened and
    • itchy.

Inner wind is that which:

  • raises the blood pressure,
  • reddens and irritates the eyes,
  • creates headaches with
  • violent exploding pain, dizziness, epilepsy and
  • possible brain haemorrhaging.

The heat that is generated usually goes inwards and starts agitating the spirit – meaning that information referring to Shen is relevant here also.

Liver Qi when upset shows as apparently difficult problems such as PMT and extreme over bleeding.

Often these are ‘just’ a matter of clearing out the emotional stagnation that results from hiding away from the sexual and emotional consequences of having been a woman for a while.

And yes – all have aspects of being both hot and cold, and Yin and Yang deficient . . . so please don’t try to work it out as an exclusive issue. We will all be a bit of everything.


Most diseases that are characterised by fever and/or bleeding have heat going to inner fire as a basis.

It is really important to remove the heat, as it is likely to kill (separate the Yin from the Yang), resulting in haemorrhaging or extreme desiccation if left unchecked.

Expressing yourself also is a great way to unlock yourself

To understand more, how all aspects of life and what you are able to do all fits together for a natural, healthy woman’s life and easy reproductive vigor, maybe start with understanding how your body works well . . ?


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