Hot Blood

See also Inner Heat.

Heat causes the Blood energy to become supercharged, and the usual balance of peaceful calm demeanour may be lost.

If combined with the effects of stimulants and the flow-on effects of Spleen Damp forming, Heat and Phlegm energy together may result in classic ‘mad’ symptoms, particularly pre-menstrually.

This is because there is a relative abundance of Blood. (Heat travels in the Blood) in the body in preparation for the monthly bleed.

Sometimes this can also occur when there is severe Blood loss, and the sick Inner Heat syndrome is on board.

If blood loss occurs when upset emotionally, and if rage / anger is involved, there will be that much more of an emotional component to this problem.

Any apparently ‘hormonal’ changes with emotional balance, flooding/gushing/short cycles, long bleeding, pimples, smells, reddened and itchy anythings and of heat flushes – think

Heat in the Blood

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