Jing Depletion

Jing Depletion

Jing depletion shows up as accelerated aging.

Below you see how Jing unfolds in a body – when all start declining and rapidly – you know something is wrong.
Teeth and hair and body disintegration . .

jing manifestations

Usually you will feel at least some of these and especially the ‘false’ heat – the afternoon reddened cheeks and hot, sometimes prickly from the inside feet and legs may nit that need to go out of the bed covers. This is serious and at least drink a lot more pure non chilled water.

This is when you are diminished from serous disease, and need now to recuperate. Extra age seems to have weighed you down.

Please take charge. Stop all chemicals all preservatives and all sugars and foods that are not nourishing as you are wearing yourself too thinly.

Sleep a lot more and if you are being told you are running out of time – be aware that aging happens from within, and you can repair yourself.

If you do different things to what currently is your normal:

what created this mess.


Conscious attempts to slow life down and to smell the roses – and to be still will give you at the every least a better life and easier body to live in. Easy periods, pregnancies and of course easy babies happen when wellness is the focus.

Chronologically – years may pass – but it is easy enough to allow the body to repair through conscious efforts of looking after self much better, so the body can heal itself, regenerating as needed..

To understand more, start with the Period App – solutions for questions you may not have thought to ask – or that no one could answer . . there are also  various books in the resources here


Accelerated aging can be lessened/reversed through looking after yourself differently.

Good Jing reserves arrive from your eating well resting.  is essential for easy living, and normal hormonal expression.

Do not waste any more of your resources by listening to fear campaigns.

You may hear that you are aging – not realising that this is a matter of lifestyle choices – and totally in your hands.

Whatever your ‘prognosis’ – what the medical personnel have told you will happen.

It is all changeable when you choose a different way to express yourself