Phlegm results from a worsening of the damp process.

The energy of obstruction becomes more solid – into form and nodules/fat/cysts/discharges that are troublesome etc.

Maybe also look to the lack of iodine in the body – or it being impeded due to the presence of the other halides:

Actual obstructing physical matter is now present.

By their very nature, damp energies congest and clog up the body.

They arise from incomplete circulation and metabolism and eventually cause potentially fatal complications, in much the same way as having apparently excess cholesterol is seen to be.

Along the way, people will find themselves getting fatter, holding more fluid; not seeming to get out of our own way and, gradually, life feels like it is grinding to a halt.

Mucous disorders may or may not be present. Improving the metabolism is the answer, as the lack of Yang in the body is the driver for all of this bodily discontent. 


As you can see – having these imbalances works against normal life and enjoyment of being alive.

Body falling apart – called ‘ageing’ by those who don’t know better

Whilst we may be lucky enough to find a practitioner to diagnose and treat probable underlying thyroid deficiency, most just gradually accept their body falling apart as ‘ageing’.

Medical tests for conditions such as cholesterol, arteriosclerosis and various other apparently clogged up and degenerative diseases fail to see that a healthy lifestyle change can return the body to health.

Even taking more Magnesium and a lot more Vit C and Vit D can assist.

Damp and Phlegm are the results of insulting the basic engine room of the body – the Spleen energy (digestive / immune and fluid metabolism/circulation), which is unable to support the nourishment process if you eat/drink too much cold, and/or raw and/or sweet things.

Living in a damp, and often mouldy, environment will make all connected problems worse.

A diet of highly damp inducing foods – chilled and cold and raw foods and fluids, overly sweet and/or alcoholic – consumed especially when the body is in a very young/unformed/exhausted/weakened state, or unbalanced from immoderate and irregular lifestyle/experiences as yet unprocessed, will keep this state of dis-ease going indefinitely.

Damp/Phlegm is a major source of muddy thinking (poor memory, losing what you were saying, can’t make decisions, can’t think at all – catatonia if extreme).

Clouds of insubstantial phlegm, perhaps wafting up from a turbid digestive system, feed this.

Improving the diet and also metabolism is the answer, as the lack of Yang in the body is the driver for all of this bodily discontent.

To understand more, start with the apps – solutions for questions you may not have thought to ask – or that no one could answer . . there are also  various books in the resources here  Reading Cold is Not a Woman’s Friend available there may be the key to your improving all aspects of your life simply and permanently.