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Instant answers – & where to go to get more

Simple natural solutions easily understood, brilliantly put together.

Slip inside a specialised women’s health professional’s head &

hear what she would say if you had a consultation (at a fraction of the cost).

Such a simple system  – all at your fingertips!!!





Contained within is life advice.

Using improved nutrition,

natural healing ways,

and many different wise womanly and other culture’s traditions,

presented here is a way to get the most from your body.

What will you get from this?



Practical things to do
That work – safely and effectively undoing the warnings your body is throwing at you  and that Western medicine has been saying to mask/medicate against Why not get back to balance? Start today – download and get reading about what do.


Choosing to live differently will often correct or at least alleviate most problems


Periods_app_Screen Shotfertility_app_Screen Shot200Pregnancy_app_Screen Shot

PINKPeriods (and all that happens to a woman’s body at any age – especially emotions . .

GREEN Fertility – his and theirs as a couple

TURQUOISE – all pregnancy and birthing and breastfeeding and baby info

All Apps have the ‘raw ingredients’ section – cane you bake a cake without ingredients?
Can you live well with less than, or not so good quality?
Not really – hence you are looking for answers –

and here they are . .


Navigation aids through all Heather’s myriad information sites

Help yourself

At least stop creating what is happening  through understanding how your body is set to work.
You can work with not against her.


Essential information for all

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