Stuck Blood

Stuck Blood = Poor Blood Circulation

Besides being of poor quality or quantity, Blood energy can also become ‘stuck’.

Congested gynaecological conditions are never fully medically understood or resolved without looking at why they happen.

This also includes all the pelvic/urinary complications (Also see damp)  that are so prevalent suddenly.

Monthly Cycles and The Human Matrix may be your first understandings of what it is to be a woman and what yo can do to help yourself.

Endometriosis is a great example.

How many operations/times of terrible distress do you need to work this out yourself?

Modern medicine can’t help – you are a whole woman (not just bits) and it is not working to ignore that you need to bleed – you were designed to do this.

Not stop it up with chemicals and implants to give no cycle.

To even be told that you MUST not have a cycle – whose leg are they all pulling?

As a woman you were designed to and HAVE to bleed – and if it is hurtful – then the damage needs fixing – and masking with chemicals/artificial hormones.

See Menstrual Rescues

For example, that broken heart that may have been present throughout a person’s life is possibly why nothing from surgical or pharmacological realms helps.

Past rape or sexual assault creates enormous emotional turmoil and may be hidden and keep running and festering unconsciously.

This can explain why the menstrual area will never be ‘right’ until this inner turmoil is dealt with appropriately.

Imbalances appear in energy fields and signatures.

Even if multiple operations and ingenious hormonal ‘fixes’ are tried, unless a person undoes how she feels about herself and what has happened to her (or him), physical repercussions are unable to be permanently remedied.

Think of all the work done trying to FIX one manifestation of Stuck Blood – fibroids and endometriosis – (or even cancers) perhaps concentrating on the Stuck Liver Qi and why it is there, as it leads on to Stuck Liver Blood would have more effect.

This ebook may answer a lot of your urgent queries: Endometriosis – A Woman’s Body’s Cry For Help.

Blood ENERGY is the base for, or foundation of, the Shen.

All are far more likely to take fright, react as though being personally attacked, and generally be more ‘flighty’ when our Blood energy is not properly nourishing our Shen.

If the Blood is not circulating, or is lessened in quality or amount, a human may eventually experience sanity and/ or emotional stability issues.

This may occur over time, with excessive dieting, semi starvation and/or worry, lack of repair/ regenerative time out and loss of good sleep.

To understand more, start with the Period App – solutions for questions you may not have thought to ask – or that no one could answer . . there are also  various books in the resources here