Stuck Qi = Stress

Stuck Qi = ‘Stress’

In wellness, everything just flows.


We can start to block ourselves by ignoring how we feel and what we are doing (never moving our body/not doing what makes our heart sing).

This condition (feeling ‘put upon’, being aggravated, irritated, ‘pissed off’) is often called being ‘stressed’.


Starting with bloated feelings, it begins by invading the digestive arena, further complicating the picture and often bringing with it excessive heat.

When we do not feel heard, valued or get thwarted in something, we can bottle up what we stop feeling and then emotions brew and tempers fray and energy gets stuck, the energy has to go somewhere – and it does.

One option is across, attacking the gut (‘upset tummy’, IBS, ulcers, heartburn, Crohn’s disease, allergies, general gut malaise).


This emotional tension could boil over into tension felt in the body structure, and often the chiropractor, physio or massage therapist just never seems to ‘fix’ it – as you keep making more – and the dentist speaks of devices for stopping tooth grinding . . or you accept the line of the ‘family’ history of migraines, bad temperedness as being normal.

Also Inner Heat and/or Damp may be produced as the digestive system is attacked.

Often people call this being ‘hormonal’.

These are many of the ways Stuck Liver Qi makes its presence felt.

StuckLiverQiExpressing yourself also is a great way to unlock this.

Not expressing yourself leads to the Liver Qi being depressed – and your life force is then also depressed.

Moving helps – as exercise naturally gets the Qi, thus the Blood to flow.

Especially important as all women bleed.

Especially important if you want to stay happy, content and well.

Learn about stress and how it affects us.

To understand more, start with the apps – solutions for questions you may not have thought to ask – or that no one could answer . . there are also  various books in the resources here