Stuck Liver Qi


Feeling Stuck/helpless in your own life?

This is flows not flowing

  • Digestion
  • Circulation
  • Menstrually;
  • Being told that you are being  ‘hormonal’.
  • Changes in emotions and all aspects of life – with moodiness and digestive and skin irritations.
  • Vague aching or bloating are characteristic.


What it looks/feels like:


Movement and exercise can help – you get back to here


When you are STUCK . . .


What the Liver meridian /flow of energy covers

Liver_BodyThis may explain most/all of your woes . .

PLUS  . . .


Ends up as a big mess (and painful too) often diagnosed as different body bits – including endometriosis.


Maybe see what you can do to help yourself?


Always – add more magnesium – topical is best . .
At least 10 times daily – at least on all your sore bits – and on your buttocks /hips as that way broken hips will not plague you in your older life – and all upsets – especially emotional and digestive PLUS all pain will be eased.

Your choice . . .





Sign up in your life – see more here . .