Stuck Liver Qi


Feeling Stuck/helpless in your own life?

This stops your life flows flowing
Leading to upsets .  . everywhere – maybe one – or all – or sometimes this,

sometimes that.

  • Digestion
  • Circulation
  • Menstrually – all pain and bloating and cyclic disturbances
  • Being told that you are being  ‘hormonal’ – any stage of life – will incorporate the unresolved life residue that stored away is blocking flows.
  • Changes in emotions and all aspects of life – with moodiness and digestive and skin irritations.
  • Vague aching or bloating are characteristic.
  • Pain – everywhere – flows not circulating . .
Leading usually to Stuck Blood –
a classification that kills eventually – after deep and stabbing pain –
These are all body warnings. .

What it looks/feels like:


Movement and exercise can help – you get back to perfect – here



Feel it – acknowledge
Move it – free up flows = exercise – outside and gentle to begin with.

Speak it – open up your heart and
Be it – Life flows . .

When you are STUCK . . .


We get broken when we cannot move.
Do whatever it takes to free your life force.

Let your heart sing

Your reason for being here now will emerge.
That is the shortest way out
Of pain and distress –
Everything ..

Liberate yourself –

CLICK HERE for the Stuck Liver Qi Release – you ideally have someone doing it for you.

What the Liver meridian /flow of energy coversLiver_BodyLife force stuck/slowed/stagnated  may explain most/all of your woes . .

BECAUSE – when Qi does not – you are in trouble

Stress Everywhere!!!

All that you call ‘hormonal’
All those gut issues – I.B.S. anyone?
Crohn’s  . .
GERD . .
Reflux and burning?
Rage – and suppressed it travels over to upset all orderly workings of  every aspect of a body – by disrupting the gut processing of ingredients and their by products excreted out.

Can’t breathe?
Sighing all the time?
Feeling suffocated by life?
Can’t get out of your own way?

Ends up as a big mess (and painful too)
often diagnosed as different body bits – including endometriosis/fibroids/nodules/cysts/cancers.


All of this is a choice – you can undo . .
Stay stuck – or CHANGE
Nutrients to repair and to regrow as designed – all is CHANGE
Circulation: a novel thought .. .

is your womb even in the right orientation?
Has stored life residue undone your template?
Let us find out . .
Look at all that can (and does) ‘go wrong’ when Liver Qi can’t flow. Blood and body fluids, then wastes stagnate.
All the while – medical advice is ‘wait and see’, ‘take this pill’, ‘have more surgery’ – eventually – ‘chop it out ‘. .

Maybe see what you can do to help yourself?


Always – add more magnesium – topical is best . .
At least 10 times daily – at least on all your sore bits – and on your buttocks /hips as that way broken hips will not plague you in your older life – and all upsets – especially emotional and digestive PLUS all pain will be eased.

Your choice . . .





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