Stuck Liver Qi Massage

Stuck Liver Qi Massage

Undo all digestive, body tension and feel taller and breathe easier.

This is exceptional to relieve all body tension.

Initially it may feel very sore – it is the residue of a lifetime’s worth of worry / holding onto all that has bothered you.

It spills over into the rest of your life as it wrecks havoc within whilst you are being ‘nice’ on the surface.

This little massage that effectively and simply moves most life angst is found in all the pregnancy care information as it is essential for good gut, structural and life comfort.

It really is that good.

See how you can undo yourself here.

Stress is a great way to lock yourself up – release through using magnesium oil and having someone undo your embedded tension – easy safe and fast.

Why is this so crucial? Please look to Stuck Liver Qi after seeing what the Liver Qi actually does – keeps the gut and the body and the mind and the woman’s cycle stable…as opposed to being ‘stressed’ undo all of that easily, safely and in hardly any time at all.

Learning the role of Blood energy (what all women’s lives and emotions and cycles are based upon) from ‘The Human Matrix’ and ‘Monthly Cycles’ will allow an understanding of what is needed to help women fully express their biological roles as potential baby carriers every month whilst retaining their good humour, living life to the fullest.

To understand more, start with the natural healing Apps – solutions for questions you may not have thought to ask – or that no one could answer . . there are also  various books in the resources here  Reading ‘Getting Out of Your Own Way’ and listening to the  ‘Reunion’ Mp3 mediation tracks will help you settle yourself.