Yin Xu (deficient – depleted – often too early)

Let’s recap ..

Yin Qi in the body has the functions of

  • cooling
  • nourishing
  • lubricating/moistening
  • providing rest and regeneration
  • granting foundation, stability and constancy.

When we become relatively depleted in Yin Qi, we get overheated easily, especially at night, we can’t settle, can’t relax to go to sleep, we get hot, bothered, irritated, restless, we age more quickly, we wrinkle and wither, we start projects and do not follow them through.

What happens when Yin Qi is wasted?

 1. Become hotter 

It is as though your furnace is set inappropriately, so you burn your system out faster. You may notice that your feet feel warm and/or tingly, and need to be kept out of the bedclothes.

This is a warning that accelerated aging has started. It can be helped.

If it is not, various neurological degeneration conditions may eventually develop.

Diabetes is more likely and menopause may be needlessly difficult.

Here is where the notion of ‘old eggs’ and ‘lack of ovarian reserve’ come in.

All you have to do is build up the Yin again and all is well.

(Look after your health and it will look after your fertility/sanity/aging).

Hot feet and legs at night also may show that there is presence of toxic substances, which a safe effective removal will help. Look to liquid activated zeolites. Hot feet at night need correcting in everyone, as it is a sign that you are wearing out and overheating, and this can lead to degenerative and wasting diseases.

It may take decades to happen – but it is another red light on your ‘dashboard’ – your body is warning you.

If you are pregnant and you are experiencing becoming hotter, see a good acupuncturist and take Chinese herbs immediately. It is a warning that Yin (very necessary in transferring strength to baby) is at a critically low level.

It may show itself as expelling baby before the due date, with any number of other potentially life threatening consequences, including bleeding in pregnancy, premature rupture of membranes, pre-eclampsia and, in severe cases, possible stillbirth (not enough Jing to live independently).

These are also signs of low magnesium in the body. And a poisoning  so often as the magnesium can no longer be ‘seen as the mercury that was in your body from times past – is now totally obscuring nutrients as the aluminium from the vaccination process (and the stray chemicals never to be in the bloodstream to apparently get the adjuvant to work) is destroying order and creating auto immune lifelong troubles.

(See also Hot Blood) and Inner Heat. Not what any one needs.


2. Less nourished.

n the entire body. When pregnant, the placenta is potentially at risk.


3. Dry out

Smoking and excessive sun exposure enhance this.

The process of desiccation/drying out ages the exterior, but internal damage is far more life threatening and can be seen in any fever, radiation or consumptive conditions (such as TB, final stages of HIV, aggressive cancers).

Although a more minor issue (though still disruptive), women may feel dried out vaginally at different times of their lives.

This is a sign that overall, Yin is dwindling and requiring attention.


4. Become Yin/Jing depleted 

A vicious cycle, as we need very restful sleep to repair ourselves. When we most need to rebuild Yin, it is the very lack of it that stops us from sleeping well and healing.

Deep, undisturbed sleep is vital at all stages of our life – especially in babies – to develop and mature.

When Yin diminishes, we become irritable, nervy and jittery, we can’t settle or finish a task, we usually perversely crave substances and activities that hammer our remaining Yin hard, thus hastening our life stages and decline.

As Yin diminishes, heat and accelerated aging happen.

Enhance your Yin Qi by:

  • living a regular, orderly, enjoyable life
  • avoiding excessive heating and drying conditions
  • drinking plenty of pure fresh water
  • getting plenty of restful sleep, relaxation and ‘downtime’ to rejuvenate and repair.

This is likely some aspects of you


We get too hot – and ‘need’ cool drinks/walk on cold tiles

only wrecking ourselves differently as the cold wastes our Yang Qi.

We say we are ‘too hot’ and may go into hyper thyroid function – often out of acute and continued ‘stress’ – Stuck Liver QI.
AND not being able to get rid of the mercury that is building up through the generations as we foolishly pretend that adding it in is inert is actually benign – it is far from it. Magnesium no longer available to help detox and you age way too soon – and get conditions no drugs can mask.

The heat creates destruction in tissues if you do not hydrate.
You MUST get rid of the inflammatory triggers – anything holding the sweet taste being the major one.




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