Liver Yin Xu

When the Liver Qi is well, all works well in the body/mind/soul.


When there is less lubrication than there needs to be – the heat of the Liver (that naturally is a firey beast) then starts up – and may damage all – see the beginnings of Hot Blood with Inner Heat to get the gist – and then of course the Liver Fire surges upwards.

Liver Yin encompasses the Liver Blood – so a slight variation on a loss of Blood will also have hot signs and symptoms arising – literally – with reddened face and eyes, hot temper and head aches that are worsened with lack of fluids drunk, and not helped by premenstrual times or by festering emotional charges.

Liver Yin is needed to nourish all the menstrual and the eyes, muscles, tendons, ligaments plus the health and growth of the finger and toe nails, growth and health of the head hair (as it is fed by the Kidney Jing and Yin) and the anchoring of sanity.

Expect to have problems in all or some of these plus hot symptoms when the Liver Yin is waning – especially when the Liver Fire Starts up.

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