Traditional steaming

If we could stop being in a First World head-space, we could steam as traditional cultures still do this. It would be a lot easier to just do it anyway to start somewhere – you do not need a fancy anything.


My body model comes from PNG – Papua New Guinea. She is showing us what the older aunties did – after birth and to ensure that a woman’s body works perfectly – at all ages . . You do not need to wait till you have a chair all set up – or buy a special anything . .  A bowl of just boiled water – with herbs in it – and a blanket/some form of material to hold the steam in – and so it goes up inside – and we have our legs apart as we do want the steam up inside.

In the village it would be – as the water cools down – you end up sitting in it and then washing within

We MUST have the vaginal opening being accessible.
When women are a lot larger – it is not enough just to have her on the chair, sitting up prettily – least she is to sit forwards – hence the foot stool.

Legs apart . .


And – leaning forwards . .

Ideally in my new extremely expensive carry-anywhere chair – we need ‘stirrups’ – on the side so she can sit forwards and be at  the right angle.


Obviously we are in the start up stages with this arrangement – as the hole is way too large . .All that steam has to go within us. The old style commode is sitting as a testament to what else is easily sourced.

Cases from clinic. .
75 year old Italian lady who has been ‘cooking her pussy’ ever since I mentioned it over 2 1/2 years ago. She is less wrinkled in her face, is sleeping ‘like an angel’, is so much more relaxed, has no more of the recurrent bladder infections, has lost her kidney stones, and her pain levels (previously she was ‘riddled’ with arthritis) are minute relative to before. All of her friends ridicule her – as it is not of their culture.  She wondered over the decades why women of other cultures looked so much younger and more sprightly – and they all to a one – told her – “you white women do not look after yourself – after babies or generally”.


Here is the way to do so  .
Simple cheaply and at home – herbs?


Grow them yourself..

Enjoy this essential part of being woman. .


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