Blood Depletion (Xu)

What ‘blood deficiency’ means

Everything is harder.

We all need our Blood energy to run us sanely, happily and effortlessly

blood energyLoss of Blood quality (And what was running in it – your Shen) – not so much actual blood volume -that can be made up – I am speaking to the energy that nourishes all aspects of who you are. This may be worsened if the blood loss happened at or around birth, or when there was a shock also added in/administered as shock will happen physically with the lessening of the blood volume, but also as you lose yourself – as the energy of your Shen is carried in your blood. Makes the idea of blood transfusions surely less appealing?

Someone else’s Shen mixed in with yours – a reality!

If women keep bleeding too frequently and or too heavily they start to feel and act ‘neurotically’. As well as being physically exhausting, the Shen (spirit) becomes under-nourished and it is very easy to ’lose the plot’. Then often called ‘hormonal’ or ‘neurotic’ and often tend to become depressed and anxious/ nervous. Often accelerated aging starts and fertility is said to dwindle – when all that needs to happen is better care of self and time out to be you . .


You understanding what you do in your daily life may be undoing all your good intentions and hard work is written about in these pages – you could be in control . .

Expressing yourself also is a great way to unlock Stuck Liver Qi. This will also then assist your digestion to work better so there is more Blood energy produced and circulated – making you a happier and healthier woman.

To understand more, start with the apps – solutions for questions you may not have thought to ask – or that no one could answer . . there are also  various books in the resources here